No Water at The Tap

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June 15, 2014
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July 10, 2014
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If you turn on your tap and it produces a really poor water flow or even no water at all then it is more than likely that there is an airlock in the supply pipework. This fault normally only affects hot water taps and can be sorted quite easily by using a hosepipe with a push fit connection at each end. Lambeth Plumbers can clear airlocks.Method:The first action is to fit a piece of hose to the tap that is blocked and push the other end onto a tap that is working ok. This is normally the cold tap in the kitchen, then, open up the taps together and the pressure of the mains water should push the air out of the pipework. A Lambeth Plumber carries all the correct tools for any job.You may have to carry this action out quite a few times for it to be effective. If the air has gone from the pipework, take the hose off the tap that is higher first and then the lower so the water in the hose can drain into the sink. If there is more than one tap with an air block, you must always clear the lowest tap first. Using the cold water pipes from the cistern in the loft space, it could be possible to purge and clear the air if the first action didnt work. Put a length of hose onto the outlet pipe on the cylinder. Open up the tap at the other end to blow through the pipework and remove the airlock. If all else fails you will need to drain the system. Isolate the water and open all the taps to drain. Make sure the taps are ? off. Turn the water supply on. Turn them all until an even flow of water is visble. Open them one at a time to a ? open position. Begin with the lowest and work up. Repeat at the three quarters open position. If all the air has been removed, turn off all the taps.

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