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July 10, 2014
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When you live or plan on living in an area that does not allocate your property an access to mains drainage so you can dispose of sewage and waste water, you will have or need some form of?septic tank cesspool or sewage treatment plant. In?the UK, many buildings, domestic or commercial, are not serviced by mains drainage and need private sewage treatment systems. Lambeth Plumbers know about treatment plants. The septic tank has traditionally been a popular system and the most common form of sewage removal system for waste water in rural locations.? But, where poor soil conditions or high ground water exist, septic tanks cant operate effectively as the discharged fluids from the septic tank cannot percolate through the ground. The septic tanks is only designed to dispose of domestic waste water.? The whole system is usually located completely under the ground, but does need correct ventilation so the noxious gases which develop in the tank can escape. A Lambeth Plumber is fully trained. These tanks hold the receiving wastewater for enough time to separate the solid from the liquid waste.? Anaerobic?micro-organisms develop inside the tank and partially decompose the solid waste.? The liquids left behind pass through the tank and enter a drainage field nearby. The overflow from a septic tank should never be allowed to discharge into a natural watercourse.Domestic Sewage Treatment.There are now domestic sewage treatment plants that can provide an effective solution for sewage treatment disposal for rural areas not serviced by the main drains. They are usually supplied as a packaged sewage treatment plant with a self contained tank with Aerobic micro-organisms to break down the waste.?The product coming from these sewage treatment plants is generally suitable for discharge straight into a natural watercourse. Various types and sizes of these plants are available and are specifically made to treat wastewater from residential dwellings so the final effluent will comply with the requirements of Regultaing Bodies for discharge to a natural watercourse.? This final effluent is also suitable to discharge into an underground soakaway system.

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