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July 10, 2014
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August 11, 2014
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Sometimes the boiler and its pipework that we have fitted in our homes can begin to make some very strange noises. As with any system of this type, these noises might flag up that the pump is not working properly. This is something that you can actually check yourself. You should find and read the boilers operating instructions for guidance. Turn the boiler off, visually check that the pump is turned on and running, it is quiet so check by feeling the case for vibration, if the switch is set to on, but the pump is not running, isolate the power at the mains and check that the wiring is tightly connected and there is no sign of deterioration. If the pump runs, but the outlet pipe is cold. Try opening the bleed valve and release any trapped air. A Lambeth Plumber can fix noisy pipes. Here are some noise types and explantions: Creaking Pipework could be due the expansion of the hot eater pipes that are rubbing against lower/wall structures or other pipework. Try widening the pipe notches in the joists (widen don’t deepen, as it can weaken the joists), clip unsupported pipe runs, and pack insulation around and between pipes. Humming Pipes might be due to excessively high pump speed or the pipework in your home are too narrow for the system flow. Lambeth Plumbers can advise on noisy pipework. Rushing Sound is possibly down to air or gas bubbles trapped in the system, or the system water level may be at a low level. Switch off the boiler and pump, and visually inspect the feed and expansion tank in the loft, if empty, check that the ball valve has not jammed shut and the water supply has not been stopped. If you can identify and fix the cause yourself, you can then top up the system water level. If you are not sure you should contact a professional plumbing service.

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